This page is to help you navigate your way
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Whether you have recently been advised that your child has a hearing loss or is deaf, or whether you child has been living and working with their deafness for some time, we would like to share with you the facts that we have collectively identified, living and working with deaf children in Kent.
New Born Hearing Screening
Since 2005 all children in the UK are automatically screened with 24 hours of their birth for any potential hearing loss. This test is not definitive but give a strong indication whether there might be some loss or all clear.
If some readings indicate hearing loss in the child then further investigation is carried out with the child, to establish the level of hearing loss and whether it is treatable or permanent.
At this stage your child will be referred (transferred) to the Paediatric Audiology Service (NHS Children's Hearing Service) where a full assessment of their hearing will be made and the best course of action taken.
This is often a very tough time for parents who have had their child diagnosed with hearing loss. This can be compounded by a further mass of information and decision making pressures being heaped on you.
There may be several options open to you, from an early intervention with a Cochlear Implant to fitting digital hearing aids.
The important thing to remember is you do not have to decide straight away. We earnestly recommend that you take the literature you are given and go away to think very carefully about your options. Because they will have long term impact on the future of your child and their personal development as they grow older.
KDCS offer advice and can provide a peer support service for parents where another parent of a deaf child who has already experienced the same or similar decisions, can help you to make your own decisions, without any pressure or bias. But they can help you think the process through and weigh up all the information. For more information on KDCS peer support service contact us

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